Hi, nice to meet you!

My name is Patty :)

It is so nice to have you here. I like to describe myself as your most helping photographer. Whether it's moving that flyaway hair of yours out of your face, moving phones out of your front bulgy pockets, taking off that extra hair band from your wrist, I make sure to go the extra mile to making sure that your photos are perfectly executed. I love to get up close and personal with all of my clients and it's how I make sure that all of your photos are memorable and noteworthy. I want to accommodate you for all your needs; whether it's your first time being photographed or you're a seasoned model, I have got you!

By nature, I am a current full time Registered Nurse working in the NICU. I am a lucky Mommy to two beautiful daughters and a wife to the love of my life. My favorite hobbies include photography (duh), sewing and shopping (who doesn't?). I am so excited to finally launch my little hobby that has turned into a such huge passion. I am blessed beyond words and feel confident that I'll be able to help fill in the gap in photography in my geographical area (Inland Empire, Palm Springs, Coachella Valley and San Diego area of Southern California). I hope that one day I'll be able to photograph all of you beautiful people and have so much fun while doing it. Thank you and welcome!